Rereading Books – Reasons & Benefits

Oscar Wilde once said”If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again, there is not any use in reading it at all”. Mentioned below are the top 5 best reasons why folks reread certain books.

  1. One of the most frequent reasons which many readers provide for their rereading affinity is powerful story. It doesn’t just beckons them to take another shot at the work but instantly drags them within the pages and transforms them into a participant. This sort of literature generally finds its way to bibliophile’s collection.
  2. Earlier, especially in the 70’s and early 80’s few books were printed, and there were fewer authors. It was also tricky to buy books because of the unfriendly price tag. To overcome this hurdle, most readers assembled a miniature library which was exploited innovatively. Owners of those personal libraries either exchanged literary works with friends and family members or reread intriguing ones. These private libraries flourished in every area. Interestingly, a number of them transformed into commercial entities particularly those that had a large assortment of books. Raccoon Poop
  3. Then there are subscribers who swear by God that every time they reread one of the cherished books they gained a newer insight into the author’s writing style, story and characterization. Needless to say, most of them believe that it is age related thing. For instance, some of classic literature which forms a part of school / college curriculum is far beyond the understanding young minds. However, a decade down the line, the exact books depict another tale. As one reader pointed out that it was all about a matured mindset that develops with age.
  4. Empathetic and compelling character/s, particularly those with whom we could easily relate to, and connect with is yet another common reason for rereading. It is this connection which draws readers to the book over and over, at times to fetch inspiration and sometimes to compliment the author for its outstanding characterization.
  5. Dog eared novels are like muses. They seduce readers and allow them to recapture some of the chapters, passages or scenes of a novel. When a reader marks the webpage through the first read it simply means that this individual will return one day. It’s a signal that the particular part of the story has made its way to the reader’s heart. Incidentally, in these contemporary times most of the book lovers use bookmarks that somehow dilute the intensity, the passion with which the page was marked.

So, why is it that you reread if at everything you do? And do you believe it’s an unfair practice because these books are”Gods of Literature” and several new authors lose out a sale for them.

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